Why Travel?

There are lots of reasons why many people like to travel:
• To broaden one's horizons
• To discover the world and indulge in curiosity
• To recharge batteries
• To challenge oneself physically and mentally
• To meet interesting and similarly-minded people
• To experience new cultures and lifestyles
• To have some fun

For whatever reason it is, travelling provides an opportunity for us to gain a new perspective with every place we visit and every person we meet along the way.

Leisure traveling has many benefits that is why many people love to travel. It provides an opportunity to step outside one's comfort zone. It is a fascinating way to discover our world, much more than studying the history and local culture on books full of pictures.

The thing about travel is that it often frees us of our inhibitions. Travelling makes us more willing to try things we otherwise wouldn’t. For me, it is an excuse to sample a new cuisine I’ve never tried before. Nothing is more invigorating! The feeling of adventure gives me an all-time high.

I realize that I don't have to go far to experience interesting and stimulating travels because our own local tourism has a lot to offer. There is a lot of beautiful things to see in our country that we don’t notice.

Just by visiting a new town or region, one will get to know a new culture, and a new natural environment. It gives us a chance meet new people with whom to exchange experiences and pleasant things with. Trips to the sea is always an enrichment in my life.

Travelling affords me fond memories to remember and funny anecdotes to re-tell my kins in the following years.

This is my official contest entry to the Let's Go Sago! anniversary
Let us support Mr. Jonel Uy of LetsGoSago.Net on promoting Philippine Travels.


  1. i love your kids photo, very candid! :)

  2. oist, sali ka sa contest ni red : http://redamethyst.blogspot.com/2010/08/reds-1st-blogversary-contest.html

    please tell her i referred you:D kailangn ko ng extra points kasi thanks ehehe


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