My Trip Down Bloggers Lane

I love reading about other invididuals' travel posts and posting my opinions in forums. And this got me started in blogging. I find internet blogging as a good way of keeping memories since I enjoy writing about my feelings and the fun I had in a day. It makes me happy to be able to reread back and remember such fond memories with photos and all the works! 
 Blogging has opened up opportunities for me
 • To increase my reach and influence
 • Given leads to connections and work
 • Helps promote my affiliate links 
• Proves to be an excellent way to drum up attention for my services 
 • Brings more traffic to my sites and blogs
 • Getting event/blogger invites 
 • Winning freebies/contest giveways

Not only do I get interactive online with blogging, it also serves like a money milking tool to me. What used to be an online journal activity is now eating up my time! I really enjoy doing all these! This is my entry to Red's First Blogversary Contest