Best Birthday Gift Ever!

A breakfast in bed would make one's birthday a very memorable one. A Special Birthday Treat.

Include a birthday card and a small gift on the birthday breakfast tray. Tie balloons to your wrist as you carry the tray. Sing "Happy Birthday" as you and your kids enter the room with the surprise birthday breakfast tray. Don't worry about how awful you sing, the birthday song will put a smile to her face and start the day off right.

You will surely bring sunshine to your special someone's birthday! She will remember this gift like no other!

Noel of XLeontips is holding a contest to celebrate his wife’s 33rd birthday.
Join in before September 30

Contest Mechanics:

Blog about this contest along with your answer to "what could be the best and most simple birthday gift" he could give to his beloved wife. Your answer should be the first thing to see in the entry and then the details of this contest.

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Special Prize for Top Referrer

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  1. Thanks for joining. You still have time to make reviews for all the major sponsors.

  2. As one of our requirements, you should subscribe on our feeds. You may find the link here

  3. Thank you very much for joining. However, you were disqualified to join the contest because you were unable to make a blog review of our major sponsors which is one of my contest's requirements. It would be unfair if I let you join and you win without completing the requirements. Again, I am very sorry.

    Do join my other contest next.


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