Super Happy is an Understatement!

This is my official contest entry to Loving Sunshine's question:

What makes you Super happy?

I am overly-joyed whenever my daughter achieves something, be it small or big ones. Leaving success marks as she tries to discover herself is more than a bonus for me as her mother. Such moments makes me think that I have probably done something right along the way ... My little angel, Daniella Nicole makes me Super Happy!

Mom's are people too and I do have a life of my own. It's a life I cherish, a life I dream about, a life of excitement, a life of peace and quiet. It makes me super happy to have a time alone for myself once in a while to recharge, reflect on life or simply indulge on simple pleasures.

I am Super Happy when I think of happy thoughts. Happiness is infectious and so is sadness, and I prefer to be associated with the former. Though it is not always easy to keep a positive attitude while facing adversities, I have learned to downplay setbacks over time and make the most of every situation I am in.

I have come to realize that being Super Happy is more than likely to put me into a better position as a mother, friend, colleague, sister, wife and mentor.


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