my Super ONE and Only

This is my official entry to the Super One promo contest “Who is your Super ONE and why?” at Globe Tattoo
Cornelio is my Super one! I like his small gestures that speak volumes about how much he cares! I love the way he patches up with me after a tumultuous fight.
And, of-course, his intelligence plays a major role since he is smart enough to fall in love with me!

He is a generous, warm-hearted and a caring father to Daniella Nicole. He is sensitive to her needs and mine. Our family days are adventuresome, spontaneous and filled with laughter with him around.

He is the "Big Brother" to his co-siblings, who acts as their protector.

He is passionate, confident and enthusiastic at work.

If you want to win a new Samsung Galaxy S Andriod Phone, head off to the Super One Blogger Contest page for full details.

Deadline of submission of entries is on August 8th