What makes me as a Filipino happy?

These things makes me as a Filipino happy:

Glittering sun, stretches of aqua blue-sea, silvery sands and magnificent sunsets--name it, we have it here.

My daughter and I have a grand time communing with nature at Iba, Zambales! We swam and played for several hours and I can't stop snuggling her (not that I could anyway). Such happy times make me forget any troubles and laugh!


I am thankful for having a family that loves and supports me. Knowing that they love me boosts my happiness. I am blessed over many people don’t even know their who their father and mother is, and over those who have lost their parents to illnesses. They can be a little annoying from time to time, but I know that they are always there.

We may not live in a perfect world--the economy in a recession, thousands of people being laid off, calamities here and there--but I still appreciate the little things in life that don't cost a dime, but still make me happy. Sometimes, we need to experience a loss to be able to appreciate what we have. But I would rather appreciate the things I have now without first experiencing a loss.

If tomorrow will be doomsday, I will look forward to God's promise of eternal life after death. My family and I will join in prayer so that we may be counted worthy to escape the horrible things that will come to pass.

My mom was widowed at the age of 39. Not having finished school, she was devastated. Imagine the emotions felt by us, much more of a wife who was left with four kids to raise! Her feelings of losing a husband are our helplessness as kids then seem overwhelming and intense. Ultimately she was able to accept the challenges of single parenting. The difficulties in having sole responsibility for meeting multiple needs, balancing checkbooks and financial stress seemed without end but she remained strong.

God truly loves us and had blessed us in despite these tragic circumstances. While it isn't easy, she was able to send all of us to college. Now, are four of us are successful in our chosen field. Thanks to an empowered mom!

No matter how young or old, or whatever gender or social status one may have, Filipinos have always shown love and loyalty to country and fellowmen in their own ways. Our strong sense of service and heroism enabled us to survive typhoon ONDOY.

Many Filipinos have committed their lives in the service of fellowmen. Heroism need not be grand. The little things that we do for the benefit of others do count. I am happy that there are good Filipino leaders and legislators who are working hard for the common good.

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