My SHOEs story

There is a great blessing in being appreciative of the little things that come our way. Life becomes full when we are grateful and happiness seems almost just within our arm’s reach.

I’d like to share 7 simple things I’m grateful for in my life. While some of them may them apply to you, I’m sure you’ll realize that there are more things to be thankful for than these:

1. The fact that my family and I live in peace is a great blessing.
If you read war time stories, you will realize how terrible the situation was. Lives were lost so easily. There was pain, suffering, and poverty were everywhere. Unspeakable horrors were too ghastly to recount.

2. I’m grateful for having my loved ones
Knowing that they love me boosts my happiness. I am blessed over many people don’t even know their who their father and mother is, and over those who have lost their parents to illnesses.

So I am thankful that I have a family that loves and supports me. Even though they can be a little annoying from time to time, I know that they are always there to keep me company.

3. I am surrounded by good friends
Good, caring friends are something that not everyone has. I am happy knowing I belong to a community of friends.

4. I am blessed with a healthy body. The human body, especially the brain, functions best when we are physically fit. We just need to stay active and exercise in whatever way appeals to us to keep healthy.

5. I am happy knowing the day will be incredible when the morning coffee is just right and that we have food on the table.

6. I am in control of my life. I have the freehand in picking up habits of thought which can be either helpful to my happiness or not. And take steps to make myself happy.

7. I live in an age of medical breakthroughs. I can’t imagine going through surgery without anesthetic, would you?