I deserve to win the VNC gift certificate, no less!

Like any woman, I have a love affair with shoes.

And though I have difficulty to find a shoe that fits me on any display rack because of my small shoe size, I don’t get easily discouraged to satisfy my foot fetish with some fab finds shoewear.

I deserve to win the VNC gift certificate from Animetric given all these “if the shoe fits” issues.
I rarely have the chance to wear the trendiest shoes ever. This will be my first time to try out the VNC brand and with all the good reviews I’m hearing in terms of its durability and up-to-the-minute trends at half the price!

I find VNC designs to be sturdy, funky and cool---living up to its promise and philosophy to provide women with fun and fashionable shoes.

This is my official contest entry to ANIMETRIC's Anniversary Promo