When do you refresh with Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

With the flu virus always around us, I find it important to keep myself healthy to to boost my immune system. Now that that being healthy has become synonymous with the fittest of options when it comes to food and beverages, I have included drinking fruit juices in my meals.

I have ventured on trying freshly squeezed juice drinks which has real bits of fruits on it. I thought that it is more natural and delicious. Now, I'm glad that Coca Cola has released “orange juice with real bits”. I am always in a rush and I don’t have time to prepare fresh fruit juices myself. I tried it and find that Minute Maid Pulpy Orange is really delicious. No question about its freshness in terms of real pulp, since it contains lots of it. I like the quality of the pulp bits because I can feel real juice prick out of it, similar to freshly-squeezed oranges.

With Minute Maid Pulpy Orange in the market, I have made this refreshing orange drink as part of my meals and snacks. I take it as often as I can because I believe that it replenishes a variety of nitrient substances necessary for human body while satisfying my dry throat.