Lighthouse Marina Resort for a quick getaway!

After a toxic working week, I always look forward to the weekends to spend quality time with my loved ones. What better way to spend it than to live a day of luxurious easy pleasure in a hideaway place, where nature's best goes with the best of modern world!

My best luxurious out-of-town resort hotel experience would be spending it in place not too far away from the comforts of Manila. The resort should be able to able me with all amenities my hearts desires and everything I'll need during my stay--a swimming pool, spa, recreation center, beauty salon, fine dining, bar, coffee shop, internet, TV and a scenic waterfront view.

I am talking about Lighthouse Marina Resort. It takes two to three hours to get there from Manila. It gives a majestic view of Morong's forest mountains and the Zambales mountain ranges.

According to a friend, Lighthouse boasts of its outstanding services. Of special mention are the wall-mounted, 42" plasma televisions in their spacious Aqua Rooms and Spa Suites! They also have provisions for water sports and jacuzzi.

These features alone makes me want to head off to Lighthouse Marina Resort asap and indulge in life's easy pleasures!