Be a Hero In 2010 Contest

In this Age of Aquarius and Digital Possibilities, any ordinary individual can become a hero in his own right. As Juan Country salutes the Filipino Heroes in us this 2010, here are my little heroic ways which I can contribute and my official contest entry :

1. I will prioritize the needs of others over my own. By doing what is beneficial to the majority, I can do my share in making lives better for my family and fellowmen.

I salute all the men and women who have commited their live to the service of the Filipino people.

2. I will vote for the most qualified and morally-upright candidate in government positions and take on an active role in guarding my rights. Exercising one's voting rights should be coupled with vigilance.

Cellphones, internet access and digital gadgets have proven to be effective means in exposing anomalies, human rights violations and other incidences which have had great impact in our society. The heroic deeds of our national heroes and those of many unsung heroes (who stood by them) have resulted to for the freedom we now enjoy. It would be a waste if we don't safeguard it for future generations.

3. I vow to go "green". I will do away with plastic bags and dispose trash properly. The recent Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons casualties have taught me a hard lesson---each one of us should do our share to protect mother earth.

You can be a hero too, in your own little way. Share 3 ways in which you can be one and bag one of the 5 hero shirts at Juan Country. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in one day".