British School Manila holds its Fete 2016 celebration

The school was looking fantastic, the PTA and operations teams had worked all hours, the Raffle tickets sellers had given up on sleep and were ever present, the sun was beating down, the water iced for ‘dunk the teacher’ and  volunteers from all sections of the BSM community were manning and organizing stalls.

The British School Manila was again fully geared up to accommodate the hundreds of our extended community who joined in for the annual Fete.  It was another wonderful event, entertaining  the youth with bouncy castles, tea rooms, paint ball, coconut shy, the list was endless.

BSM expresses its heartfelt thanks to all who helped on the day, most especially to the PTA who exemplified teamwork and did such a fantastic job (giving up hours of their time) to coordinate the programmes. The day was undoubtedly a major success on every level–funds were raised, fun was had, food and beverage consumned.

More importantly, BSM came together as a community, young and old,  to ensure that tradition that has been part of BSM for the last 39 years and 9 months continues into its 40th year. BSM sense of community was both maintained and enhanced through the organization of such a huge event and also enjoying the actual day.

The British School Manila (BSM) is a highly regarded co-educational British international school established in 1976.  It upholds the high standard of the British education system and takes full advantage of its multi-cultural setting. BSM is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and is also a member of The Federation of British International Schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia (FOBISSEA) and The Independent Association of Prep School (IAPS).