Things that I am thankful for

I have done so much loving and living in this life that gave me many things to be thankful for!

Philippines may not be at par with a first world country but I am very grateful to live with my friends and relatives in a pretty good place, where the spirit of bayanihan lives.

I am grateful to be surrounded by good friends and my loved ones. I would forever be in a pity pot wallowing in my setbacks had it not been for them. My life is replete with challenges. Sometimes the hurdles are easy to overcome, other times I stumble one after the other and still cannot find my way through. These people have been with me through thick and thin, to cheer me and back me up... and I'm glad to have them by my side.

My work is not an ideal one but I am thankful that it keeps me busy daily and pays for the bills at home. I consider my colleagues at work as my extended family.

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