Pink Magaline's Christmas giveaway

Join in Pink Magaline's Christmas giveaway before December 4th for a chance to win:

-black Forever 21 tank top
-white Gooey shorts
-Bobbie red nail polish
-Bobbie blue nail polish
-Bobbie green nail polish
-purple vanity kit
-Finess Oil Control Sheet
-Sofeel facial tissue (3 travel packs)
-Nivea Passion Fruit & Milk Proteins soap
-Nivea Strawberry & Milk soap
-ethnic bracelet
-Forever 21 leaf earrings


  1. Hi sis! Thanks for joining my giveaway. I checked your Pink MagaLine Facebook page subscription but I couldn't seem to find your name there. Pls check it so I can validate your FB entry. Thanks again. Cheers! :D


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