win a Windscape His/Her scent

Avon has tied-up with to invite everyone to post a photo and a story telling why you consider yourself and your significant other a ‘free-spirited’ couple. The lucky poster every week for the entire month of February will win a Windscape His/Her scent. Visit the contest blog HERE

Here is my contest entry:

My partner and I were attracted to each other's spontaneity, warmth and humor. We cann be labelled as "Free Spirited" individuals, who live our lives as a daring adventure. We love to try new things and aren't significantly affected by small conflicts.

Kindred spirits that we are, we always keep a picture of the most wonderful moment we've ever had together in our minds and often reminisce on successful events that happened because of our shared talents. In this way, we are able to keep life adventurous but safe and continue on with our unusual and interesting life together.


  1. HI dear, sorry the contest badge is not working can you please check and edit ? thanks. Nice entry btw. What a lovely looking family you have.

  2. I fixed the error and the contest badge is now working.

    @lovely looking family you have - thank you. They both brighten up my life and spices it up a couple!


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